Best Registered Agent Services (with Honest User Reviews) of 2022

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Forming a limited liability corporation in the United States of America involves designating a Registered Agent.

Registered agents are also known as a resident agent or a statutory agent.

We’re going to highlight some of the Best Registered Agent services we’ve researched and used when setting our LLC’s in multiple states and share our findings with you.

Why Use a Registered Agent Service?

The purpose of availing the services of a registered agent is to make sure that there will be an entity that would receive the deliveries of parcels that contain documents pertinent to your business on your behalf.

The documents a registered agent could receive include court summons and other official correspondences sent from your local state government.

The registered agent receives documents on your behalf by using their address as your company’s official business address.

Having a designated registered agent is a requirement to even start operating a compliant business entity.

More than just being a requirement though, there are several benefits to hiring a registered agent service.

It is through the registered agent service that your personal information is kept private, or anonymous.

Registered agent services also make it possible for you to do your business without having to worry about being present or available at your business location at all times, especially during its standard business hours.

Registered agent services will reduce and even minimize the amount of junk mail you will inevitably receive.

In this article, the top 18 registered agent services available in the country will be outlined and briefly discussed for you.

Furthermore, if you just want to know what the #1 registered service out of all the options discussed is, the list will start off with the best registered agent service and why it is a favorite to help you save your time and effort on research while allowing you to get started as soon as possible.

EDITOR’S PICK: The #1 Best Registered Agent Service of 2022

northwest registered agent

All the companies that made it on this list are commendable in their own rights as quality registered agent service providers.

With that said, Northwest Registered Agent does happen to be our favorite and top pick for good reasons.

Northwest Registered Agent charges only half the price of industry giants like LegalZoom, CSC, and National Registered Agents.

Yes, that is right.

They only charge half the price while constantly refining their agent services for the past 20 years.

To add to that, Northwest Registered Agent has the most superior customer service team among what we have listed below and can also go toe on toe with the industry giants which leads to a better overall service and experience.

Northwest Registered Agent has other business services offered however, the main focus of their company is undeniably on their registered agent services.

The market is saturated with numerous companies providing the same services at present though Northwest Registered Agent is the sole major national registered agent provider that meticulously scans every single document they receive on your behalf as your agent.

Their competitors on the other hand will only scan the government documents that they are legally mandated to.

Any of the Online Registered agent services listed are adept at providing reliable and steady services for your company though it should be noted that Northwest Registered Agent is the best on the list based on our experiences and opinions.

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Our List and Reviews of the Best Registered Agent Services:

Continue scrolling for a run down of our reviews on the top online registered agent services of the country.

1. Northwest Registered Agent

northwest registered agent

Businesses who do not want anything less than an excellent option that is guaranteed to give quality service and be an overall reliable registered agent provider should look no further than Northwest Registered Agent.

You can expect the following from Northwest Registered Agent: exceptional customer service, management of your LLC formation for $225 if you have not formed it already inclusive of one full year of registered agent service, and locally scanning every document they receive on your behalf becoming the only major nationally registered agent service that does so since most competitors will only go so far as scanning the documents they are legally required to scan.

All these and more are offered by Northwest Registered Agent for what is considered as reasonable pricing.

Pricing and Features

If you have the need to acquire an agent service in five or more states, the Northwest flat rate of $125 annually will be discounted to an even more affordable price point of $100 per year.

In addition to the local scanning they exclusively offer, there are freebies included in their packages.

Free online tools are made available to help simplify your workflow processes such as software that handles annual report compliance reminders.

And again, for those who have not formalized the formation of their limited liability company or corporation, Northwest will take charge of your formation so you do not have to at the cost of $225 inclusive of a whole full year of their registered agent service.


  • Scanning of each document locally
  • Volume discounts for registered agent service across multiple states
  • Exceptional and reliable customer support
  • A whole year of free registered agent service when availing of any LLC or corporation formation package


  • Not the cheapest option in the market

Company Stats and Track Record

About 2 million clients have been serviced by Northwest since its conception in 1998.

A quick Google search would display an overwhelmingly positive amount of feedback from over 200 customer reviews.

You would be hard pressed to find unfavorable or negative experiences from the client base of Northwest and its reputable reputation.

Customer Service Quality

One of the distinctive features Northwest is well known for is its Corporate Guides.

Northwest Corporate Guides is the term they use when referring to their customer support representatives.

Each client has direct contact with a designated corporate guide that will assist them when needed and can easily be contacted directly for any queries, clarifications or concerns.

Northwest corporate guides are quite reassuring with their knowledge base on the many issues you may inevitably come across as their client.

It is because of all this that Northwest has the best customer service quality in the industry.

What We Think About Their Service

Quality would not always come in the cheapest packages and Northwest Registered Agent is no exception to that notion.

Northwest is hands down the top registered agent service in the country with its outstanding features and notable customer support even if these do not come with the lowest price points available.

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2. Zen Business


Zen Business is a new addition to the roster of registered agent service providers in the country, starting its operations in the year 2015.

Their take on how agent services should be offered is by taking the online business service market by a storm through exhaustive packages at cheap prices.

Inexpensive services they offer include limited liability company and corporation formation services with useful add on features that are designed to get business up and running.

Zen Business is a registered agent service that receives positive client feedback to go with its affordable prices.

Those who do not need a legacy service provider would find that Zen Business as a young upstart company is a good option.

Pricing and Features

On its own, availing of registered agent service from Zen Business will cost you $99 per year.

This $99 package will serve only the basics of its registered agent services with no additional features.

Those who would need more could avail of Zen Business’ $39 deal which includes them handling your full business formation process with a complement of a year of registered agent service.

If you would like to know more, their website details what you might want to know.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Formation packages are inclusive of registered agent service


  • Not as well established compared to other major companies

Company Stats and Track Record

Zen Business has made it their goal since its conception in 2015 to form one million limited liability companies and corporations in the next five years.

Client feedback is overwhelmingly positive with over 4,700 online reviews that echo customer satisfaction. Negative reviews are almost non-existent.

Customer Service Quality

The customer support of Zen Business is not on par with that of Northwest though it is still effective and reliable.

Zen Business customer service is available through web chat, email or phone.

Their representatives provide efficient and accurate information while responding to questions, concerns or clarifications promptly.

What We Think About Their Service

Northwest is still hands down the top registered agent service and remains our favorite standalone registered agent service.

That said, Zen Business is our #1 pick for those that still need to form their business entity.

It is hard to beat their $39 package inclusive of a full year of registered agent service to pair with its business formation processing.

Zen Business is one of the best registered agent service providers in the industry.

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3. Incfile


Incfile and Zen Business are alike in the sense that they offer similar bundles of a full year of registered agent service with any purchase of limited liability company or corporation formation services.

The differences start with Incfile offering something that Zen Business does not, which is the free combination of its formation and registered agent service features as long as you have paid your own state fee.

Visiting their website will help provide more details.

Incfile also has some of the greatest customer reviews and experiences in the market with thousands of positive feedbacks that can be viewed online.

Pricing and Features

Registered agent services from Incfile will cost $199 per year.

There are no additional features to get your business up and running aside from its basic registered agent and formation package.


  • Positive customer reviews
  • A year of registered agent services included with business formation
  • Business formation packages are free


  • There are no additional features to its registered agent services

Company Stats and Track Record

Entrepreneur Magazine listed Incfile in 2018 as one of the 360 best entrepreneurial companies in the United States.

Incfile was established in 2004 and has helped more than 500,000 clients form and maintain their businesses since its conception.

Customer Service Quality

Customer support from Incfile is satisfactory.

Response times are prompt and answers are always accurate.

A caveat that is only a minor complaint is that their responses sometimes lack thorough explanation, leaving us wanting for them to expand their responses.

Incfile offers customer support through phone or email with both outlets being a reliable way to attain the customer service you need.

What We Think About Their Service

Incfile is a good option for business formation services though their registered agent service may seem to be somewhat of an afterthought.

Their customer support is not as personalized as you would get from Northwest Registered Agent.

Incfile is still a strong contender for registered agent services though it can not beat the top two picks that were listed before it.

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4. LegalZoom


Out of all the registered agent services mentioned, LegalZoom may very well be the most recognized name in the world of online business services.

LegalZoom has serviced millions of clients.

They also has a massive budget dedicated for advertising alone.

LegalZoom has a vast selection of products and features designed to streamline your processes and make being an entrepreneur less of a hassle inclusive of  being available as your registered agent service.

Pricing and Features

Availing of LegalZoom as a registered agent will cost $255 per year.

Adding an additional service of a business formation into the package will cost $159 for the first year of having LegalZoom as a registered agent.

LegalZoom also offers compliance calendar features for tax deadlines and annual reports on top of the basic services included in being a registered agent.


  • Unbeatable name recognition
  • Huge client volume
  • Vast selection of products and features available


  • High prices for services
  • Customer feedback is mediocre
  • Formation packages do not have registered agent services included

Company Stats and Track Record

LegalZoom has served over 4 million clients and formed over 2 million business entities since its conception in 1999.

It should be noted though that customer feedback is not a strong point for them.

Numerous reviews are available though it is a mix of positive and negative experiences.

Customer Service Quality

Consistent customer support in LegalZoom is lacking.

Based on our experience, phone support has prompt response times with representatives that deliver accurate and efficient replies to questions, clarifications or concerns.

When it comes to email support however, we have experienced waiting times that exceeded a whole week after emailing our questions, clarifications or concerns to LegalZoom.

When LegalZoom did finally respond, a templated email was sent that did not address the reasons why we sent the emails in the first place.

What We Think About Their Service

LegalZoom is the popular choice with a customer volume to back it up that most of the other registered agents on this list do not possess.

With that said, LegalZoom’s price is too expensive for the features they currently offer.

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5. Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer has an even longer client list than LegalZoom with over 20 million customers they have serviced since its conception in 2008.

Being a registered agent is only one of the many features and services offered by Rocket Lawyer.

The focal point of their available packages is their legal service subscriptions that have numerous features in addition to giving access to qualified business attorneys.

Rocket lawyer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a roster of customer feedback that makes it evident that their clients are glad with their services.

Pricing and Features

Availing of Rocket Lawyer’s services will cost $149.99 per year.

Those who purchase their legal services package that runs for $39.99 per month will receive a 25% discount paired with other added features.

It should be noted that Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent service provides the essentials and little to nothing else.


  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction
  • Enormous client volume
  • Positive client feedback


  • Pricing is not noteworthy for registered agent service
  • Services are basic with no additional features included

Company Stats and Track Record

Rocket Lawyer has the biggest client volume of all the registered agent service providers in this list.

They have served over 20 million customers since their conception in 2008.

Rocket Lawyer is the largest company that has its operations in the legal services and business market.

Customer Service Quality

Rocket Lawyer offers quality customer service.

Their representatives respond promptly, accurately and are easily accessible through web chat, email or by phone.

Rocket Lawyer also offers extended support hours so customers can contact them from 9 AM to 9 PM Eeastern Time on weekdays.

What We Think About Their Service

Rocket Lawyer does offer competitive prices though that is not enough to grant them a spot on our top three picks.

They also only provide basic services that are expected from every registered agent, missing out on offering additional features as well.

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6. InCorp


InCorp is mostly recognized for its remarkable pricing which starts at $99 per year.

Significant discounts can be availed when purchasing additional years of service in advance which is a feature that not many other competitors offer.

InCorp has years of industry experience under its belt and an impressive list of active registered agent clients.

Pricing and Features

A year’s worth of InCorp registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $99.

If additional years of services are purchased in advance, the rates will be discounted as follows:

  • 2 years – $89.10 per year
  • 3 years – $80.52 per year
  • 5 years – $66.56 per year

A feature unique to InCorp is their EntityWatch system.

EntityWatch reflects real time information on the status of your business entity.

EntityWatch also aids in preventing corporate identity theft.

Access to a compliance calendar that is convenient to use is provided.


  • Affordable pricing with volume discounts
  • Over 125,000 active registered agent clients
  • Bilingual customer service with long operating hours
  • Anti-identity theft program known as EntityWatch


  • Lack of online customer reviews
  • Lack of notable business formation services

Company Stats and Track Record

InCorp is the fourth largest national registered agent service in America.

It was established in 1998 and now has a roster of over 125,000 registered agent clients.

Only about 100 customer reviews can be found online hosted on third party websites so while there is not much feedback, the reviews indicate high degrees of customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Quality

Bilingual representatives are available at InCorp for those that speak in Spanish.

Representatives can be contacted through web based chat, email or phone during standard operating hours that run from 9 AM to 9 PM Eeastern Time every weekday.

Response times are quickly delivered by accommodating representatives that fall nothing short of being helpful.

What We Think About Their Service

InCorp is a notable registered agent service provider with prices that undercut the rest of the competition especially when prepaid discounts of advance service years are available.

The other services that InCorp offers are not particularly great though it will get the basics of business formation for example, done.

It would be difficult to strongly recommend InCorp because of its other services that are not particularly commendable.

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7. Harbor Compliance


Harbor Compliance has affordable registered agent service fees.

Harbor Compliance’s reputation is backed up by several customer reviews on different third party feedback websites.

Harbor Compliance offers volume discounts for prepaid purchases of additional service years or purchasing done to service multiple states.

Harbor Compliance has a good track record of customer service.

Pricing and Features

Availing of Harbor Compliance’s registered agent services will cost $99 per year.

Discounts of up to 10% are available for more than a year’s worth of advance payments.

Discounts up to 10% are also available if Harbor Compliance services are purchased in at least four states.

Harbor Compliance also makes it convenient to consistently comply with your presiding state’s government through software access that tracks and files annual reports.


  • Affordable pricing and volume discounts for multiple years and states
  • Assistance for annual reporting
  • Largely positive client feedback
  • Professional and accommodating customer service
  • Vast collection of webinars, white papers and guides


  • Other services are priced high
  • Lack of industry experience compared to some of its competitors

Company Stats and Track Record

Harbor Compliance is new to the registered agent service industry.

Since its conception in 2012, they have served about 25,000 organizations.

Customer reviews are widely available on Facebook, Google and the Better Business Bureau.

On all three of the third party websites, customer feedback is universally positive.

Despite its lack of experience especially when compared to its competitors, Harbor Compliance has a strong and reliable reputation.

Customer Service Quality

Harbor Compliance has a system similar to Northwest Registered Agent when handling their customer support.

Harbor Compliance has a designated account manager called Compliance Specialists that manages your registered agent service.

These Compliance Specialists have an extensive knowledge base that is designed to help you overcome the challenges you might face with business compliance or ownership.

Customer service at Harbor Compliance can be reached via email or phone.

There is also the option to fill out the contact form hosted on their website.

What We Think About Their Service

Harbor Compliance is really good at providing quality registered agent services.

Despite this, most of the other services they offer are considered too expensive.

Harbor Compliance no longer offers business formation services and generally lacks experience in comparison to the other top options listed so far.

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8. MyCompanyWorks


MyCompanyWorks has an impressive collection of positive feedback on nearly every one of their more than 3,500 listed reviews.

The positive registered agent service experience the company has given to its clients came at the annual cost of $99.

Pricing and Features

MyCompanyWorks has one of the lowest national rates for registered agent services.

They specialize in registered agent services only.

There are no additional features included in their service packages.


  • Overwhelmingly positive customer feedback
  • Sound and affordable model of pricing
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction


  • Registered agent service is only available with their top tier formation package
  • Lack of easily accessible customer support

Company Stats and Track Record

Inc. 5000 included MyCompanyWorks in their 2017 rankings of the fastest growing private companies in America.

Since its conception in 2001, the company formerly known as MyNewCompany, has served over 60,000 organizations.

Customer Service Quality

Customer service at MyCompanyWorks is fast, accommodating and knowledgeable.

Their representative team can be contacted by email or by phone.

MyCompanyWorks has one of the shortest customer support operating hours in the whole industry being available only from 11 AM to 7 PM Eastern Time on weekdays.

What We Think About Their Service

Sound and affordable prices for registered agent services is one of the strong points of MyCompanyWorks though the lack in additional features makes it rank below the likes of Northwest Registered Agent, Zen Business or Incfile.

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9. MyCorporation


With more than 20 years of industry experience and more than a million clients served, MyCorporation has a solid reputation with good customer feedback and support.

MyCorporation has shortcomings and flaws in its limited liability company formation offering though its services as a registered agent is available at a sensible price point.

Pricing and Features

Availing of MyCorporation registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $120 per year.

There are no additional features beyond a basic registered agent service package.


  • Solid track record
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Business formation is mediocre at best
  • Features normally offered by its competitors is absent from MyCorporation

Company Stats and Track Record

Since its conception in 1998, MyCorporation has built a huge client list of over a million customers.

Their CEO’s Twitter handle (@deborahsweeney) is listed on the company’s official website.

A pleasant touch of transparency is offered for clients with concerns, questions or clarifications.

Customer Service Quality

No complaints can be had of MyCorporation’s customer service.

Their representatives are accommodating and well informed.

The response times are also quick, never having to wait too long to hear back from them no matter how you choose to contact them.

Customer support is available by email or by phone.

What We Think About Their Service

MyCorporation has good prices though nothing about it is exceptional.

The lack of MyCorporation’s available features makes it stand out less than the three most popular registered agent service providers.

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10. Harvard Business Services


A remarkable registered agent provider, Harvard Business Services only caters to the state of Delaware.

Registered agent services outside of Delaware are not an option in Harvard Business Services.

This registered agent provider offers a whole year of registered agent service with every limited liability company or corporation formation packages they have.

Customer feedback is resoundingly positive.

Pricing and Features

Availing of Harvard Business’ services will cost a highly notable flat fee of $50 per year.

They make their pricing model even more impressive by offering volume discounts when you purchase multiple year’s worth of services in advance.

Discounts span from $90 for 2 years to $125 for 3 years and so on.

This registered agent does not offer additional features though at this price point, there are no complaints.


  • Pricing model that is undefeated
  • Plenty of industry experience
  • Positive customer reviews


  • Registered agent services are only limited to businesses in the state of Delaware

Company Stats and Track Record

Since its conception in 1981, Harvard business has formed 200,000 businesses in Delaware.

The company was opened in the home of its founder and has grown significantly since then.

Customer Service Quality

Harvard Business representatives can answer even the toughest questions.

Expect quick and substantial responses from them. Harvard Business representatives can be promptly contacted through website based chat, phone, email or Skype.

What We Think About Their Service

Harvard Business Services is a top choice for companies in the state of Delaware.

If Harvard Business Services offered registered agent services in every state instead of just limiting itself to Delaware, it would be the better choice for a lot of people.

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Visit for Harvard Business Services Registered Agent

11. Swyft Filings


Swyft Filings has one of the most affordable formation service prices though its registered agent services cost $149 a year.

A strong point of Swyft Filings is the thousands of reviews that display the large amounts of customers that are pleased with the services they offer causing them to rate the company highly.

Despite being new to the industry, Swyft Filings has been able to serve a large volume of clients.

Pricing and Features

Availing of Swyft Filings registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $149 per year.

Included in the flat rate that is paid are the regular reminders sent to make sure you never go past an important filing due date which helps with the overall good standing of your business and its compliance record.


  • Remarkable customer reviews
  • Inexpensive business formation services


  • Registered agent pricing is not noteworthy
  • Lack of features included

Company Stats and Track Record

Not much information is available on Swyft Filings online.

The only information that can be verified is that since its conception in 2012 by a lawyer, thousands of businesses have been formed.

Customer Service Quality

Swyft Filings lives up to being swift in responding while remaining accommodating and helpful with whatever it is needed.

Their representatives can be contacted through chat, email or phone.

What We Think About Their Service

The massive number of positive client feedback that Swyft Filings receives is not enough to justify its price point especially in consideration to its lack of other features offered.

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12. BizFilings


BizFilings has no shortage in industry experience with more than 500,000 business filings under their belt since it was established in 1996.

Every BizFilings limited liability company formation package includes registered agent services good for six months.

BizFilings is not our top choice for registered agent services though they do a number of things right that makes them worth consideration.

Pricing and Features

Availing of BizFilings registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $164 per year.

Any purchase of their limited liability company formation packages makes you eligible for six months of free registered agent services.


  • Lots of industry related experience
  • Formation packages includes 6 months of registered agent service
  • Customer support hours extend past standard operating hours in the industry


  • Pricing is not noteworthy
  • Lack of customer feedback

Company Stats and Track Record

Since its conception in 1996, BizFilings has aided in the formation of over 500,000 businesses.

At present, BizFilings is under the ownership of Wolters Kluwer which is one of the service companies in the world that is leading in compliance and information.

Customer Service Quality

BizFilings customer support is prompt and capable of always answering questions we have.

Representatives are available every weekday from 7 AM to 9 PM Eastern Time.

Their operating hours are one of the longest availability hours in the entire industry. BizFilings customer support can be contacted through email or by phone.

What We Think About Their Service

BizFilings offers acceptable registered agent services though there is nothing particularly remarkable about it.

When there are other services that are arguably better and offered at significantly lower prices, BizFilings does not have what it takes to beat the top three of any ranking system.

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13. Legalinc


Legalinc is new to the registered agent service industry with their doors officially opening for business in 2012.

This company is based in Texas and has a unique feature that the rest of its competitors do not always possess: they are fully automated.

Legalinc is a completely digital registered agent service.

On top of offering the usual registered agent service, Legalinc also provides independent director service for large transactions in real estate.

They also have speciality representation services for companies that need to obtain specialized registered agent service in compliance with federal or state statutes.

Pricing and Features

Availing of Legalinc registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $129 per year.

Efficiency is part of their process thanks to their fully automated registered agent service system.

Business service providers seeking a backend registered agent service do not need to look further than Legalinc.


  • Specialty services catered to larger clients
  • Services maximize available technology
  • Waste reduction due in part to automated services


  • Website looks cluttered and is difficult to navigate through
  • Ordering system is too complicated
  • Lack of customer feedback

Company Stats and Track Record

Not much information on Legalinc is available online.

Scanning through their website shows that even their ‘About’ page does not reveal much, opting instead to display general statements on their business purpose with some photos of their key employees.

Opening their LinkedIn page is where we discovered that they are based in Frisco, Texas and began operations in 2012 with 37 employees in their company at present.

Customer Service Quality

Overall, no complaints can be said against how effective Legalinc’s customer support department is. Legalinc representatives are quick in their response times and are always so accommodating and helpful. Legalinc customer service can be contacted through chat, email or by phone.

What We Think About Their Service

Legalinc has prices that are good enough for the features they provide but even with that, it still is not enough to take the places of any of the top three registered agent service providers.

The lack of information available on their company track record and the messy website does not help.

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14. Nationwide Incorporators


Nationwide Incorporator’s standout feature is that their in-house industry experienced business attorney drafts or reviews every document they prepare.

Their registered agent services run under a variable pricing model and is not available for viewing online.

Their “Attorney-Powered” slogan lives up to being more than just a motto.

Pricing and Features

Availing of Nationwide Incorporators registered agent services will cost differently depending on what kind of business they are serving.

The company does not publish its pricing for their registered agent services online.

You will need to call them if you would like to get a quote.

No additional features are included.


  • Experienced business lawyer drafting or reviewing every document
  • $395 voucher available on Yelp for only $295


  • No clear registered agent service pricing model
  • No online availability of registered agent services
  • No formation packages included with registered agent services

Company Stats and Track Record

Nationwide Incorporators was established in 1997 and though its client volume is not as massive as their competitors, Nationwide Incorporators believe that you should not “confuse volume with quality” as stated on their website.

The company was founded by Robert E. Stenson who is a certified business attorney with more than 25 years of industry experience.

Customer Service Quality

Customer support can be contacted through email or by phone.

Surprisingly, when we called, Robert E. Stenson himself answered the phone.

We are not aware of any other registered agent service company in the industry that has experienced business attorneys represent and answer the phone.

Customer support is a huge plus in Nationwide Incorporators.

What We Think About Their Service

Recommending and praising Nationwide Incorporators too highly would be difficult when their registered agent service pricing models are not available online.

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incorporate is one of the first few registered agent services in the industry, establishing itself over a century ago in 1899.

Their registered agent services are expensive, costing more than the agent services we have mentioned thus far and their lack of additional features useful to businesses make their price point tough to justify.

Pricing and Features

Availing of registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $235 per year.

There are no volume discounts available.

The additional features they do offer is access to their online compliance dashboard that is designed to remind you of important filing due dates.


  • Several years of industry related experience
  • Registered agent service includes compliance dashboard


  • Pricing is expensive
  • Lack of positive customer feedback

Company Stats and Track Record is one of the first registered agent services in the industry with its founding being traced all the way back to 1899.

Since its conception over a century ago, has served more than 750,000 businesses.

The company has stayed the same over the years despite changing its name from Corporation Service Company to The Company Corporation before finally settling on as of this writing.

Customer Service Quality has representatives that are well trained and are capable of giving accurate responses that are helpful.

In addition to effective advice, their support agents also expand and explain their answers, giving substantially comprehensive responses to our questions, concerns or clarifications. customer service can be contacted through chats based on their website, email or by phone.

What We Think About Their Service

With a combination of high prices and poor customer reviews, is not an appealing option.

When it comes to registered agent services, the other high quality competitors are more of the go to choice.

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16. CT

ct corporation

CT is one of the most trusted registered agent service companies in the industry and it is one of the oldest too.

CT has been in business since the 19th century and they are the largest registered agent service in the world at present.

CT’s client list spans hundreds of thousands of customers.

With all its industry experience, CT does come with a hefty cost making their registered agent services one of the most expensive in the market.

Pricing and Features

Availing of CT registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $319 per year.

The registered agent service package is inclusive of several tools that will assist with your business’ compliance.


  • The #1 biggest registered agent service provider
  • Most experienced registered agent service provider in the industry
  • Business services are offered worldwide
  • Reliable customer service


  • Pricing model is expensive
  • Lack of customer feedback

Company Stats and Track Record

CT Corporation was established in 1892 and now stands as the largest active registered agent service provider in the world.

They have about three times as many clients as any other registered agent on this list.

CT operates on a massive scale with more than 800 employees stationed in 46 different cities.

Customer Service Quality

CT Corporation is known for its prompt customer service that is nothing short but well informed.

Their support agents can be contacted by chat, email or by phone.

There are a few phone numbers you can contact depending on what kind of support is needed.

There is also the option to fill out a form on CT Corporation’s website to schedule a call with their agents.

What We Think About Their Service

CT may be one of the oldest actively running registered agents but its high pricing with packages that do not include enough advanced features do not validate its $319 fee per year.

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17. CSC


CSC is one of the registered agent services that has actively operated for the longest time and is one of the largest compliance service providers in the world with operations across all of North America, Asia and Europe.

90% of all Fortune 500 companies are served by CSC who offers a wide range of business solutions with registered agent service included.

CSC is one of the most expensive registered agent service providers in the industry.

Pricing and Features

Availing of CSC registered agent services will cost an extremely high flat fee of $381 per year.

In addition to the usual registered agents services, CSC also has tools to aid in compliance such as its thorough record keeping software that keeps track of documents and sends alerts through email when it is time to file annual reports, business license renewals, franchise tax payments and so much more.


  • Service is award winning
  • Solid longevity
  • Long list of Fortune 500 clients
  • Record keeping and compliance tools are included with registered agent service


  • Expensive pricing model
  • Lack of online customer feedback
  • Lack of pricing information on company website

Company Stats and Track Record

CSC has served 90% of all the Fortune 500 companies, almost 10,000 law firms, and over 3,000 financial institutions as reflected on their website.

CSC has won so many awards since it started its operations that a whole page of their website is dedicated to displaying a number of them.

Customer Service Quality

CSC representatives can be contacted through the phone or by email though when we sent an email to them, they responded through a call rather than just emailing a reply.

As a whole, customer service in CSC is reliable, well informed and accommodating.

We do not recommend their email support system though.

What We Think About Their Service

CSC’s track record is exceptional.

The compliance tools they offer are useful though it does not make their hefty price tag of $381 a year alluring.

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18. National Registered Agents, Inc.


National Registered Agents, Inc. (NRAI) has served more than a million businesses and their service of process deliveries.

It is a widely trusted registered agent company.

The pricing though is the most expensive we have ever come across as we have never actually encountered any other registered agent service provider that charges more than $400 per year.

Pricing and Features

Availing of National Registered Agents, Inc.’s registered agent services will cost a flat fee of $405 per year in your company’s presiding state.

For additional states that need to be serviced, each one of those will cost an annual fee of $319.

Additional features National Registered Agents, Inc. includes are custom reporting tools, process history of your company’s service and secure access to your business information.


  • Lots of industry related experience
  • Massive client volume
  • Reliable customer service


  • Ridiculously expensive pricing
  • No online customer feedback available

Company Stats and Track Record

Since its conception in 1995, National Registered Agents, Inc. has accomplished over 1,000,000 service of process deliveries.

At present, NRAI is a part of a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer called CT Corporation.

NRAI is a registered agent service that is under two of the biggest brands in the entire industry.

Customer Service Quality

NRAI’s customer service is prompt to respond and can be contacted either through phone or by email.

Emails sent out to them received responses within 24 hours.

Phone calls would never take a hold of more than a minute or two.

NRAI’s representatives know what they are talking about and never have any problems with answering the questions we had.

What We Think About Their Service

NRAI is a registered agent service that is award winning yet it has competitors charging below $100 per year evident also in this list.

In our opinion, there are better options out there that would deliver quality services at more affordable prices.

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Of all the registered agent services in the industry and of all the service providers we have listed, it is not tough to figure out why Northwest Registered Agent is our top pick.

Though the company does not have the cheapest prices in the market, what they are charging for what they can offer is fair and reasonable.

Customer support at Northwest is unbeatable and outstanding.

The attention to detail with locally scanning every document they receive on your behalf as your registered agent is second to none.

Admittedly, Northwest Registered Agent does not possess the greatest client volume in this list though in comparison to the most widely known registered agent service providers like LegalZoom, Northwest does provide more value for every dollar you spend with an overall better customer experience.

More Registered Agent Resources

Below, we will be discussing two of the most frequently asked questions on registered agent services.

Latest Commonly Asked Questions about Agents

How Do Online Registered Agent Services Work?

Providing essential information about yourself and your business is the first step when working with any registered agent service provider on this list. A state will also need to be assigned to where you will need registered agent service for. Once a state is specified, the service fees will need to be paid. After providing the needed information and pinpointing the state your registered agent will operate in with the subsequent paying of the service fees, you are good to go. There is not much maintenance or work mandated on your part after the fees have been settled.

You will be alerted every time your agent receives government documents on your behalf. Afterward, those documents will be forwarded to you immediately. Every year, the renewal of your registered agent services will need to be done. After the renewal, you are back to letting the registered agent do its job without much requirements or effort on your part to keep this particular service going.

How to Designate Yourself as Your Registered Agent

If you would rather represent yourself as your official registered agent, it is not difficult to do. The process is as simple as filling out your own information like your own name and address when asked to provide the information of your registered agent on your articles of organization. The way you will be eligible to be your own registered agent is by having a physical street address in the same presiding state that your business has its operations in. From there, on your articles of organization, you can input your own name and address in the registered agent section.

When you have an officially formed business, you will need to make sure that you are available every weekday during standard operating hours. Being absent and missing a service of process delivery could result in a lawsuit against your business without you even being aware of it progressing.

If you are looking to replace your registered agent from your business that is already formed, the process is slightly different. A form usually known as a “statement of change of registered agent” will need to be filed. From there, you will enter your own name and address to become your own registered agent.

It is not typically advisable to be your own registered agent. On top of never being absent from your listed business location during every standard operating hour, your address will now be reflected in public records as part of serving as your own registered agent. Nuisances like an influx of junk mail you have never received before will also likely occur.

Hiring a registered agent service provider instead of the DIY route is strongly recommended especially since a lot of quality providers are low cost. Information on registered agent requirements can be found on the websites of your presiding state.